Well, it’s week 3 and this week has the theme of candy. Yes, unfortunately. I was off to a good start this week, but then I somehow got sidetracked with sales of left-over Christmas. Plus, as it turns out, my husband isn’t the best influence.

Last night, he pretty much vacuumed a bag of vegetable chips in front of me, where I managed to get a few of them.

So, that means I’m somewhat back to where I started.

Check-in on the weight loss journey

To remind you all, I started this journey at 187.8 pounds. Last week, I had dropped down to 185 pounds before the weekend, but then after celebrating my husband’s birthday and been on a cheat-binge all weekend, it bounced back to 189.6 pounds by weight-in Monday.

Now, here’s what I’m starting with this week.

Week 3: 187.4 pounds

Overall, I’ve only dropped 0.4 pounds, but given how much I have cheated so far and not stuck to the plan, I’m glad to see a drop.

I’ve even included a snap-shot from My Fitness Pal progress checker, where you can clearly see that it’s going good and then it bounces back after a while. Ideally, we’d want it to keep going down.

Oh that candy

Two things went wrong this week – the high-calorie snacking, especially on candy. And the lack of restraint when it comes to late-night snacking. I’m usually pretty good with the late-night snacking, aka anything past 7 pm, but when I’m breastfeeding, I get so hungry.

And not hungry like a salad. I get candy hungry. Maybe I should eat my dinner a bit later to curb my appetite for sweets later in the night. Or maybe a big bottle of water that’s been put through the Soda Stream will help me direct my desire for sweets.

Until next week, I’m going to do my best to stay on track. So far so good today!