Advertising and Affiliates

The Little Munchkins platform offers advertising and affiliate opportunities to persons and companies looking to connect with our specific audience. I have specific advertising guidelines for companies approaching me and I reserve the right to turn down any opportunity that comes my way.

You can learn more about what I’m looking for below and how our data is measured. When you’re ready, contact me via the contact page.

A Cherished Audience

Little Munchkins has a cherished audience. It’s primarily women, but we do get the occasional men stopping by to learn more about what their wives or girlfriends are going through. Plus, there’s a ton of great information for new parents on the blog that can be read by either sex or parent. The age of our readers ranges from the early 20s to late 40s. We cherish our audience and we’re very protective of them. That’s why we turn down most advertising pitches as they don’t appeal to our audience.

Valued and Personal Content

Little Munchkins has been developed on outstanding content. We take our content very seriously and we put time and effort into creating not only evergreen content but also content that will help a large group of women. As seen on the site, we cover all kinds of content that focus on pregnancy, miscarriage, births, newborns, toddlers, and how to parent older children. This is something advertisers should keep in mind, so ads and product placements work for our audience.

Various Platforms

When advertisers approach us, we always ask what platform they wish to advertise on. We currently have two platforms available, including digital ads for the blog and website, and audio ads for the podcast. We follow standard rates for podcast ads and offer 30-second spots and 1-minute long spots. On the site, we offer ad space which is granted for an agreed period of time for a set price based on analytics at the given time.

Worldwide Audience

It’s important that our advertisers know that our audience is all over the world. We don’t just cater to a Canadian audience, despite having our headquarters outside of Toronto, Canada. In addition, we do have a large audience coming from the United States. However, we also have readers from Australia, the United Kingdom, and many other English-speaking countries. Advertisers should keep this in mind when thinking about the product or ads they are pitching.

Priced on Analytics

We’re unable to provide a standard advertising price for our site. Podcast prices are based on set industry prices, but our web advertising spots are priced based on our analytics. In other words, our prices may be different now compared to six months ago. For a more accurate price, please reach out to us with your pitch and an inquiry for a price for a set period of time. We’ll provide screenshots of our analytics to support our pricing.